The Honorable Winsome Earle Sears, National Chair


Black Americans to Re-Elect the President is a political action committee dedicated to re-electing the President by promoting the policy initiatives of President Trump.  These policies include:

Cutting taxes and regulation to create jobs

Expanding educational opportunity with School Choice

Securing the border and stopping illegal immigration

Saving black babies from abortion and promoting crisis pregnancy centers

Defending families and limited constitutional government with the 2nd Amendment

Pursuing criminal justice reform and avoiding the fringe effort to change the presumption of innocence to that of guilt


Black Americans to Re-Elect the President will attack the soft underbelly of the Democrat Party with three initiatives-

Encourage county GOP leadership to address black voters and ask to work together on the above six policies in their communities.

Run an air game on urban contemporary radio asking many black voters for the first time to vote their policy views by voting Republican in 2018 and  re-elect the President in 2020.

Put retired military community organizers on the ground to organize around these issues in swing states in 2020.

Questions email vrobinson679@gmail.com  or call Vernon Robinson at 336 577-2711


Paid For Black Americans to Re-elect the President. Not Authorized by any candidate or candidates' committee

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