The late Richard Nadler pioneered hard hitting high contrast ads on urban contemporary markets targeting black voters 35+.  Here is the link to his meta study.  This report chronicles the success in 19 black and 11 Hispanic radio markets. He explains the goals, method and achievement of this campaign.  He went on to run independent expenditure ads in minority communities across the country in the 2004, 2006 and 2008 with higher top line GOP candidate support and lower black turnouts in every market except for Ohio in 2008.  

Sadly, Nadler passed away in 2009.  However his vital work continues and you can donate here to buy urban contemporary radio ads to help elect Herschel Walker to the Senate from Georgia and defend GOP Senate seats in North Carolina, Missouri and Pennsylvania .

Hear Richard Nadler on Minority Engagement via urban contemporary radio  Part 1

Hear Richard Nadler on Minority Engagement via urban contemporary radio  Part 2

Hear Kellianne Conway (before she before went to the White House) on Minority Engagement Part 3

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  • Edward Perkins
    commented 2020-10-10 11:52:31 -0400
    For those who question whether Nadler’s work and the work of is trustworthy, I’m encouraging you to quickly get a copy of Vernon Robinsons’ book, “Coming Home” because its the best book I have ever read on the History of Black America from FDR through today. I’m pleading with all my friends to send $$ to immediately so they can buy more radio ads to reach Black Americans.
  • Ronald Price
    commented 2020-10-04 21:47:02 -0400
    President Trump has kept his commitment to improve all Americans and he has done this by raising every American’s employment to the highest levels in history: this includes Black, Hispanic, and Women’s employment. The President has done more for Black Americans than any other President including President Obama.